I have noticed cheap Tiffany Bracelets Sale Blue featuring heavily in bridal magazines at the moment, so I thought it was about time I put together a tiffany blue scheme for you to consider for your wedding.

Tiffany blue is inspired by the color of the boxes from the famous jeweler store. www.buyshoesclothing.cn  It has proved a popular choice with brides and in recent has led to many wedding related items incorporating the color in their design.

So how can you incorporate tiffany blue into your wedding? Here are a few ideas.

Color combinations – Many brides use brown as a second accent color, this can create a very stylish scheme with a modern touch. For a fresher scheme team it with white, it makes for a very bright looking scheme and very popular for beach weddings cheap Tiffany Sale australia . Team it with black for a sophisticated look and add some sparkling crystal in homage to Tiffany diamonds Finally for a scheme with a bit more pizzazz add scarlet red. This creates a colorful combination and perfect for a lively wedding atmosphere.

Attire – Dress your bridesmaids in tiffany blue dresses with matching shoes. www.shoes-bags-china.ru You can also have the groomsmen waistcoats and cravatsties made from the same fabric.

If you are using tiffany blue as an accent color you can add sashes and accessories such as Cheap Tiffany Sale and hair pieces. You could also add these to your wedding outfit; also think about dying your shoes tiffany blue or adding tiffany blue elements to your bouquet such as crystals and ribbon.

Wedding Favors – You will find tiffany blue favor boxes, ribbon and tags. I think you can also get candy covered chocolates or almonds in tiffany blue. Or why not give your guests their own edible Tiffany gift box?

Wedding Cake – Here you could choose fondant bands in tiffany blue or cover the entire cake in tiffany blue I have even seen wedding cakes designed to look like a Tiffany gift box.

Decorations – Much depends on the colors you choose and how you use cheap Tiffany Necklaces Sale within your color scheme. But can look for table cloths, napkins, candles, vases, bowls and table crystals in tiffany blue to add accent color to your tables.

I am not sure if fresh flowers are available in a color which closely matches tiffany blue, so ask your florist for advice on this one. Alternatively you could look for silk flowers to use instead.

Tiffany blue is a wonderful color with a glamorous heritage. www.sportsyy.ru  It will add style and elegance to any wedding color scheme, whether you use it in accents or as your main color choice.

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