So you have found your way online looking for new waiting room chairs for an office space, something that might be uncharted territory. Like many others, the lack of a selection locally or hopes of saving money has lead you to the internet to find something you like. Unfortunately buying furniture online means that you.. read more →

A well-designed chair is a critical component of a safe and productive workstation. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) describes a good chair as providing “necessary support to the back, legs, buttocks, and arms, while reducing exposures to awkward postures, contact stress, and forceful exertions.” They reinforce that the chair should be appropriately adjustable.. read more →

For the first time in history, owning less stuff is a sign of wealth. A recent article in T Magazine reports that the new rich are embracing “amor vacui,” the love of empty space. Graham Hill, founder of design website LifeEdited, discovered the “luxury of less” long before the world’s affluent embarked on this trend… read more →

The decision to rent office space is one of the first major commitments every growing company must eventually make. Not only is it a huge commitment in terms of overhead, but this space will be a critical factor of maintaining your budding culture, your ability to recruit and retain talent and your team’s happiness. As.. read more →

While pitching the new Apple Watch, slated to hit the market later this year, Apple CEO Tim Cook made headlines by commenting that many doctors believe sitting to be the next cancer, as it can contribute to serious health issues. The watch, outfitted with a feature that will remind its wearer to get up and.. read more →

10 Jan 2017
January 10, 2017

20 Tips for a More Organized Office

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If you added up all the time you spend shuffling through papers on your disorganized desk, you’d be amazed how much time is wasted because of the clutter in your office. Taking a few simple steps to organize your office will lead to clearer thoughts and as a result, higher productivity. Here are 20 tips.. read more →

30 Dec 2016
December 30, 2016

Get the most out of your Office Chair!

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Just like any other office item, your chair will need maintenance in order to keep it in tip top shape. Take care of your office chair and your office chair will take care of you. Take a moment and think about the chair in your office. How many hours a day do you spend leaning.. read more →

20 Dec 2016
December 20, 2016

Creating the Ideal Home Office Space

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Working from home has become more popular than ever! With this upward trend it would seem detrimental to ones at home work to have a designated space in the home, thus the at home office. Being that your home is just that, a home, it can be hard to find suitable space to fit all.. read more →

30 Nov 2016
November 30, 2016


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Generally speaking, office chairs below the $100 mark are meant for occasional use. Typically, they are low-back to mid-back task chairs made primarily of plastic. Although they often feature some padding for extra comfort, they rarely include lumbar support or contoured cushions. They will occasionally include arm rests, but rarely will those arm rests be.. read more →

As an alternative to the more traditional office chair, new styles of ergonomic chairs have been designed to try to create good support, comfort, and promote good posture. These chairs may take a little getting used to, but typically become very comfortable over time. Use of these types of ergonomic chairs can be very beneficial.. read more →