office chair mat

Upholstered Chair With Wheels conference chairs has remained virtually unchanged for decades, so office stools is a welcome newcomer. Because the graphical quality of its cuttingedge shape stands out at first glance. And it’s this feature that stylex office chairs owes its name to. An organic seat shell is cut through horizontally and then vertically, modified and re-assembled to produce this ingenious product. The upshot is a fascinating mix of fluid and streamlined form, closed and transparent areas, harmony and contrast. office chairs montreal’s distinctive design also offers superlative comfort – despite its slender shape. The steel seat and backrest frames feature wave springs, padding and additional cushioning. All of which adds up to upholstery in a class of its own. And what’s more, without any mechanics, the leaf spring in the seat’s three-point support ensures three-dimensional flexibility to keep body and mind active.


Model No.: RF-BE5226



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