Upholstered Fabric Fiberglass Frame Living Room Italian Designer Modern Q1 Lounge Chair


It is based on Richard Buckminster Fuller’s spherical thin-shell structure, which is used for creating the geodesic domes. As is known, such domes have high load carrying capacity, but can be rapidly created of the light elements.

Q1 chair like geodesic dome: it can withstand heavy loads, while remaining visually easy.The inside of the chair upholstered with felt to keep warm, soft parts are made of chenille with flocking substrate. Hollowfiber® is used for filling, it’s an environmentally friendly synthetic material capable of retaining its shape, unlike classical fillers.

The spherical shape of the chair provides the most comfortable and natural fit for human and appearance makes it versatile for both the public and home interiors.


Model No.: RF-VK5019



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